Serial Number Protected Products Overview

Serial number protected products are activated with a serial number.  When you register to evaluate a product, Ipswitch issues a 15-character serial number which you enter to activate the product for a period of time, usually 30 days.  For some products, Ipswitch may not issue evaluation serial numbers, in which case installing the product automatically starts an evaluation period, typically 30 days.

When you purchase a full license for a serial number protected product, Ipswitch issues a serial number which you enter to permanently activate the product.

Serial Numbers

When you first purchase a serial number protected product, Ipswitch issues a serial number (for example ABC12-345DE-6F7G8).  Even when you upgrade to a new feature set of the same basic product, or upgrade to a newer version of the product, the serial number remains unchanged.


Activation means validation of a license and enabling it to run on the hardware where it is installed.  You activate a product during initial installation. Using your serial number, the product communicates with an Ipswitch server via the Internet to validate the license. If your license is valid, and if the number of activations allowed for your license has not been exceeded, then the activation is allowed.  If you have an evaluation license and the license expiration date is reached, you need to purchase a full license and reactivate.

Silent vs. Dialog

In many instances, activation is automatic and silent - you do not see it happen.  When you download and install the product, Ipswitch includes information in the download filename that is used to silently activate your license.  Assuming you dont rename the file, the activation occurs automatically.  If the information cant be found or is incorrect, an activation dialog box will prompt you for the information and guide you through the activation.

Multiple Activations

Installing your software on your home computer and your work computer is not allowed unless you have purchased two licenses. If your need any further activations of the software, please contact Customer Service.

Offline Activation

Offline activation takes place when your computer is not connected to the internet or your computer is behind a firewall or proxy server.  When you are given an offline activation file, move it to a computer which has Internet access, visit to upload the ofa file and download a license file, then take the license file to your computer to complete activation.

Visit to view your licenses and download your products.

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