License Key Protected Products Overview

License key protected products are by default evaluations that expire after a period of time, usually 30 days.  You enter a 30-digit license key to unlock or activate the product. 

License Keys and Serial Numbers

When you first purchase a license key protected product, Ipswitch issues a license key (for example 111111 222222 333333 444444 555555) and also issues a serial number (for example XYZ-1234567890).  When you upgrade to a new version or feature set, Ipswitch may issue a new license key and may also issue a new serial number.  Only the license key is used for activation.  The serial number is used to identify your license.


Activation validates a license and enables the software to run on the computer where installed.  If not activated, a product is automatically an evaluation, and reminds you how much time you have left in your evaluation period.  To activate, choose "Activate Now" and a dialog guides you through the process.   You enter your license key and the product communicates with an Ipswitch server using the Internet to validate the license. If your license is valid, and if the number of activations allowed for your license has not been exceeded, then the activation is allowed.

Installing your software onto your home computer and your work computer is not allowed unless you have purchased two licenses. If your need any further activations of the software, you must contact Customer Service.

Offline Activation

If normal activation does not work you can do offline activation.  Offline activation may be needed because your computer is not connected to the Internet or you are behind a Firewall or Proxy Server.  When the activation dialogue gives you a challenge code and asks for a response code, visit Offline Activation to obtain your response code.  If you have no Internet access at all at your location, please contact Ipswitch Customer Service at 781-676-5700 to obtain your response code.

Visit to view your licenses and download your products. 

Common Problems

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