Activation using a proxy connection

Ipswitch products which include serial number protection first attempt to perform online activation using the Internet.  This is done over the same port (port 80) that Internet browsers use by default.

If the direct connection cannot be established, the product detects proxy settings on the computer and attempts to perform online activation through defined proxy servers.  Many internet service providers use proxy servers.

If no connection can be established at all, or if the product still does not succeed in connecting through a proxy server, then the user must perform offline activation.  There are two possibilities:

  1. If your browser is able to connect to the Ipswitch offline activation service on, then offline activation can be done without moving to another computer.  Offline activation instructions are provided by the product and are on the website.
  2. If your browser is unable to establish a connection to the offline activation service, then offline activation can be done using another computer that is connected to the Internet.  You must copy and transfer the offline activation files between the computers as directed.

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