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Ipswitch license protection is product and version-specific.  Please view our Protected Products List to determine what method of license protection your product has. If you own multiple versions of the same product, each version may have its own method.

Your License Agreement with Ipswitch allows you to activate the purchased software with the license key or serial number provided to you for the number of licenses purchased. If you purchased one license, the end user license agreement allows you to install the software on one computer.

License key Protected Products

If you need another activation due to a hard drive crash or a planned system rebuild, please contact Customer Service for another activation. Once the software has been activated you can Ghost your computer.*  Ipswitch software will not require you to enter your license key when a ghosted image is loaded.

Serial Number Protected Products

Deactivating your products license on one computer will allow you to activate it on another computer, as long as the total number of licenses activated does not exceed the number you purchased.  Uninstalling your product also deactivates the license (if is is not already deactivated) for the computer.  In some instances when deactivation is not possible from the computer on which the license was activated (for example, a disk crash or no network connection), you can deactivate your license from your account.

Purchasing Additional Licenses

If you wish to install your software on multiple computers please visit to purchase more licenses.

*Ipswitch does not sell Ghosting software nor do we recommend any specific software package. Ipswitch does not provide technical support on how to ghost your computer.

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