A user account is needed for a user to access  A user account requires a valid username and a password.  This ensures that a user sees and manages only the information that pertains to them.

Your username is your primary email address.  The primary email address is also used by Ipswitch to communicate important product and service advisories to the user.  Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Please Note: is a new service of Ipswitch introduced in April 2008.

Ipswitch may already have created your account.  Use the "I forgot my password" function and we’ll email your password or let you know your account has not been created.

Your account is not the same as your Ipswitch product forum account.

If you have multiple Ipswitch licenses, you have a separate account for each unique email address you have registered.

We do not recommend you use a new email address to create your initial account because your existing licenses are linked to the email address you provided at the time you purchased or registered and will not appear in your account if you create it using a different email address.  You can contact Customer Service to change your username and to transfer licenses between your accounts.


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