Which email did I use when I registered my license?

We realize that some users have multiple email accounts over time and for different purposes.

Your login email is the email address that Ipswitch uses to contact you about your license or its related service. If you own multiple Ipswitch licenses, you will have a separate account for each unique email address you registered.

Please do not use a brand-new email address to create a account as your licenses are linked to the existing email addresses.

Note: The email address you provided when you registered for an evaluation is not necessarily the email address you provided when you purchased the software.

Hint: Look for recent messages from Ipswitch about renewing your service agreement or announcing an update to you product.  The email address we sent that message to is the one we used for your account.

If you purchased from Ipswitch directly but did not supply an email address, then after you create your account, you can still claim those licenses.  See the bottom of the "My Licenses" tab for the "Claim License" function, once youve logged in.

You can also contact Customer Service for assistance in locating your licenses and the email address for them.

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